Robotic Surgery

With robotic guidance we fluently execute our surgical plan 
completing the surgery quickly, 
with minimal intervention and high precision

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ioannis Karnezis, is a Spine Surgeon, Director of the Department of Spine Surgery at the Athens "Ygeia" Hospital. His professional career started in Great Britain (1994 - 2004), where he was also a Lecturer at the University of Bristol. He specialised in Spinal Surgery as a Clinical Fellow at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford. Since his return to Greece he has focused his scientific, clinical and research activity in the field of modern spinal surgery, with emphasis on minimally invasive techniques, techniques using modern state-of-the-art technology, new approaches to classic problems such as kyphosis, and the treatment of complex conditions such as scoliosis, using innovative emerging methods which he is developing within international collaborations.

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